On The One Hand… And On The Other… And In Between

9 Poetic Fingers…Toward The Others

I want to wade into the empty spaces between us, between the world as I experience it and those perspectives that I can only imagine you have.

This is a start.

These are the early and fragile shoots of a seed that only recently germinated.

I will write about loss and the bizarre nature of loss and I will assume that to be alive is to be about the business of coping with loss.  

You may disagree, and you may be in denial.   I may be wrong, in which case, to be alive may be about winning and gaining new powers.   To be alive may be about asserting one’s self and pushing one’s ego further and further into the cosmos… I wonder about that and have lots of questions for those who insist on the power of positive thinking, for those who equate faith with certitude–and finally for those who make claims about brute facts and data as if they came with no interpretation required.   And so:  loss…

Yet the loss of which I write is tricky and paradoxical.   Once acknowledged in our experience–in between us–it may turn and lead us into an abundance of bliss.


My bias is to say that the first-century person, Jesus of Nazareth, knew more about loss than any human being who has ever lived or died.   The mystery of his self-consciousness — beyond the doctrinal slogans offered about him — make for a compelling platform.   Another way to picture this point of view would be to see it as a dew-drenched spider’s web:   I am caught in the eye-witness accounts of the many who have gone before me (not to mention those who will follow me).   You are as well.   Therefore, these blogs will offer comments and poetic observations from this sticky and intricately woven place and assuming that Jesus in some way attaches us to something real.   We will not settle for any of the “–isms” –the quick generalizations made by the Overculture.   We will instead take in the vibrations of all who are also caught in the web, and we will trace them back and back.

Yes, I understand the risks.   We may be deceived early and often.   But realizing that possibility is half the battle, maybe most of the battle.


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