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Let The Beautiful Moments Purge The Politics

This image is indelible:  the leader of the free world embracing Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona Congresswoman, who has given herself to the political process and who has emerged a miraculous hero…

Why do we think of politics as so important?   Could it be that the only real importance it has corresponds to the sincerity we have in caring for one another?

Some argue perhaps that governments don’t care and are not intended to care.  Governments are inherently evil and their quagmire of committee hearings and such ought to be severely cut back.   Rick Perry wants to eliminate how many departments of the Executive Branch — three (3)?   And yet he can’t remember the third?   I have that strange feeling that conservatism has thrown out the fetus with the Abortion debate…  In other words, capitalist theory plus the good ol’ boys network equals oligarchy.   And this “sum” pays less in taxes than the average middle-class citizen because it knows better how to create jobs.   And jobs are the best way to improve the quality of life, which involves living in your own home, with your own three-car garage and a swimming pool.  And to protect that quality of life, real Americans have a right to bear arms… I’m sorry — to buy into this scheme is madness.

Look at the head of Gabrielle Giffords resting on the shoulder of Barack O’bama.   For all of the faults and failures associated with this administrations efforts to act in a non-partisan way — for all the independents who have been disappointed with “Hope & Change” — for all the accusations of this president being aloof and professorial — take another peak at this genuinely beautiful moment.

We could use a few more.

And if we get them, the politics of punditry may give way to the politics which purges the institutions of its cynicism and despair.