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It’s One Month Until LA Pastors’ Lives Get Real…

In one month (October 9, 2013), The Preachers of L.A. will air on Oxygen, and viewers will recognize the same “Reality” tidbits that we’ve all enjoyed since Fonzie jumped the shark.

What’s that, you say?   You can’t wait one month.   You want your authentic-clergy dialogue now…  You want your behind-the-scenes dogmatist-drama sooner, rather than later…  You want all that you once got from MTV’s Real World and CBS’s Survivor or the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid–you want all that–plus the slickest of the slick preachers from some of the most “mega” churches in Los Angeles

Well, if you insist…

But now you must promise not to get ahead of yourself and your own–shall we say– unremarkable and unsuccessful attempts at being real.   That is, if you ever want to get a hefty glimpse at what Jean Baudrillard means by “Simulacra,” you need to wait for the actual premiere of the show.   There’s bound to be quite a barrage of prayer-performances, compared to which, your own petitions are piddly.   There will also be that collision of ego-driven personalities, and one even rides a skateboard like you would not believe…   Can you ride a skateboard?   Can you wear bling while reading the Bible before thousands of euphoric and adoring fans, (I mean, saints of God)?prison

I doubt you’ll be about to discern where Martin Luther King‘s Dream-rhetoric ends and where the prosperity gospel begins.   The verbiage resembles a  seamless coat of many colors, but not a soul will be dumped in a pit.   But, take care!   While you will hear and learn much about how God wants you to succeed, you may be pawned off for a stint of enslavement.

Again, allow me to warn you.   Do not get ahead of Oxygen’s programming.   Reality, for what it’s worth, has a bitter aftertaste; and the flavor lingers in the nostrils like the incense of envy and covetousness.   We will want to be genuinely ourselves like the main characters we see on T.V., and yet, short of maxing out the credit card, you and I ought not to compete.   Just sit back and watch.

tent makingWatch the reality and keep those green lights coming!   Executives in offices with panoramic views are depending upon the likes of us… literally, the likes of us!

Moreover, reflect for a moment on how The Preachers of L.A. will enhance the mission field in which the Christian faith often makes a humble appearance.   Won’t it make Jesus proud that we’ve come so far from being mocked and crucified?   And, what about the Apostle Paul?   You may remember him as a tent-maker and not relying upon his various congregations for income; he apparently prefers this way of conducting his ministry because places like Corinth and Galatia didn’t have the time, talent or treasure to support him in the manner to which he had grown accustomed…

On the other hand, the convert from zealous Judaism did take up a collection, which he sent to the Jerusalem church, when times were lean.   He was arrested and sent to Rome in chains…  It’s too bad for Paul he didn’t have the Oxygen network to enjoy.   He might have been blessed with success.


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